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Taken on Day of Life #54

Adagio and Amerigo are still available. The person who was going to adopt the pair reports she is only able to take one. Sigh. We really want them to go together. Someone on craigslist is determined to flag me every time I post (singling my posts out), so I am taking a different approach. If interested in adopting the kittens AS A PAIR, please check out their set:….

Thank you!

[SOOC, f/2.0, ISO 100, shutter speed 1/250]

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Penny for your Thoughts

Penny for your Thoughts

Critter isn’t a demanding cat but he does like to spend time with me doing things. Due to work commitments and busy editing photos I haven’t been spending the usual amount of quality lay in the paddock for 2 hours at a time with him and he has noticed.
So I have been waking early and from 5.30am to 6.30 in the dark I take him and only him for a walk around the paddocks and when I get home at 4 after work I stay outside with him till 6pm. ( Now you see why i am able to get so many photos of him and Beaker 🙂
If I come inside and start doing something on the computer he will usually walk in meowing and come get me to sit outside with him.

Being owned by a cat huh.
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